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4 Reasons

to TrainWith a





  1. A personal trainer will monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you go, helping you improve and fight through plateaus to achieve goals.

  2. Personal trainers provide motivation and individualized support for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity.  Changing the mind is the best way to overcome your obstacles to exercise and get you to your next level.

  3. A personal trainer will help you to achieve maximum results with a plan designed specifically for you.  Workouts that use your strengths and improve your weaknesses are efficient and effective.

  4. Personal trainers will help you to train correctly. No need to worry about injuries resulting from using equipment incorrectly.

Specializing in overall health and wellness, nutrition, and functional fitness, we will help you identify your goal and not only reach it, but exceed it.  Whether you are looking to prepare for an event like a wedding, reunion, or sports tryout, or simply want to get your pre-baby body back, we will tailor a program to fit your specific needs.

Lifestyle Coaching

Not local but still want to be a part of E.Vent Fitness? No problem, this long distance program is right for you!

Lifestyle clients are provided a workout routine, nutrition plan, and a cardio schedule. Progress is monitored through photos, email check-ins, and scheduled phone conversations to give you a sense of accountability and to support your new healthy lifestyle. At the end of the program, renew to receive a fresh workout to keep your body progressing and to prevent plateauing. 


4 Reasons to
Group Train
  1. Accountability:  It’s easier to cancel on yourself than it is to disappoint 2 or 3 of your friends.

  2. Even more motivation:  Surrounding yourself with a group of people dedicated to similar goals will keep you focused, help you push through on off days, and keep you motivated by witnessing others’ success.

  3. You will work harder:  Nothing like some friendly competition to bring out some extra effort.

  4. It’s fun! Most groups will become great friends through keeping a regular schedule and working hard together.

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